Spray Tan

FAQ about Spray Tanning:  Not all salons or products are created equal!
Will I turn orange?  At Bronzing Experience, we use only fresh, high quality Norvell Spray tan solution and products.  The solution will go bad in about four to five weeks due to oxidization which could cause an orange effect if used. We also PH balance the skin prior to the spray tan. The amino acids in our skin react with the bronzers in the solution to turn them a bronze color. If our skin is off balance, we could have a weak looking tan or the bronzers could turn to an orange tint.  The key is to make sure that the salon or person who performs your spray tan uses fresh solution and understands the importance that there is more to it than just spraying somebody.
How long will my spray tan last?  6 to 10 days depending on how you prepare your skin and the after care performed you, by the client.
How can I prepare?  The most important step is to exfoliate your entire body the day of your spray tan.  Also, do not apply hair spray, make-up or lotions as they may cause the spray to repel and not take in those areas. Bronzing Experience has a wide variety of pre and post tan products to assist you in the process.
How do I maintain my spray tan?  Moisturize daily to prolong the life of your spray tan. A good moisturizer is one that does not have a mineral oil base.  As your skin exfoliates, you will gradually lose your spray tan with it.  Use a lotion that is Aloe or Emu oil based for best results (we have those lotions in stock starting around $10 and going up to $22).
What are the pros & cons of the air-brush method over a spray booth?  The air-brush method is more personal, and has human interaction versus being isolated in a booth.  The air-brush method can be customized whereas a spray booth is a process that goes from start to stop and mistakes made in a booth are commonly fixed with an air-brush.  You can fix any imperfections with the air-brush; a booth will spray your full body again not just one spot or area. The biggest factor is that we have to clean the air-brush every day and people with booths need to clean them every day but most salons don’t have people trained to break down the booth so it does not get done!
What are Dark Drops?
Dark drops are added to the spray solution to give you a darker tan.  At Bronzing Experience we have taken spray tan to the next level and made it where the customer gets the most color without looking fake.



Face $10
Half Body $15
Full Body $20
Monthly $65
Dark Drops $5